5.6 Earthquake Rolls Through Oklahoma

QuakeI’ve taken everything mother nature has to give out— Hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat, Lady Gaga and The Cable Guy.

And now I can add earthquake to the list.

It was nearly 11:00 last night when I felt the first little bump and the whole house started shaking back and forth. The ceiling fan began to sway, the dogs sorta freaked out, and my heart went into overdrive.

According to the US Geological Survey a 5.6 earthquake struck central Oklahoma at 10:53 p.m. There were not reports of injury or major damage. The 5.6 sets a new state record. A magnitude 5.5 struck El Reno on April 9, 1952.

An aftershock of 4.0 rolled through at 3:39 but we slept through that one.

Although that might explain my earthquake dreams all night.

We have a new crack in one of the walls and I have a new respect for mother nature. I still haven’t forgiven her for The Cable Guy.

One thought on “5.6 Earthquake Rolls Through Oklahoma

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    My first husband ran screaming out into our apartment complex parking lot when he felt his first earthquake. It was quite a Kodak moment, considering that he was stark naked. And that earthquake wasn’t even a 5-pointer.

    I would have never guessed by your aplomb that this was your first earthquake. We rode it out like a boss, IMO – me relying on my vast earthquake experience and you with amazing composure that you apparently pulled out of your hat.

    The dogs did not freak, btw. Shooter looked befuddled and Slevin just looked annoyed, lol.

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