Whaddya Mean There’s No Santa Clause?

What? No Santa Clause???Standing before a class full of second graders in a New York elementary school, a teacher took on the role of parent and informed her class there was no such thing as Santa Clause.

Can you imagine that?

Jolly old St. Nick is an illusion parents maintain purely for the benefit of their children. You have to wonder what drug-induced decision making came into play with this ill-placed teacher decided it was okay to blow Santa’s cover.

What I didn’t hear was how this room full of eight year-olds reacted to the news.

I can see their little jaws dropping in disbelief. I imagine there was a tear or two. What about the conversation they had with mommy and daddy that evening trying to get the bottom of this great parental scam.

“The great Santa Clause Hoax!”

Whaddya mean there’s no Santa Clause?

Next thing you know she’ll be telling her students there’s no Great Pumpkin or Mickey Mouse.

Wait…. There’s no Mickey Mouse? Say it ain’t so!!


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