After the Long and Winding Road

Many of you know I just got back from a long motorcycle trip to SC to visit family, specifically my son Mike, who recently turned 30. Happy Birthday Mike! He’s a musician, specifically a bass player in a rock and roll band. Actually that’s not entirely true. Yes, he is a bass player, but he is a¬†phenomenal bass player and entertainer. Mike has stage presence and thats much more than just plucking a bass.

After seeing Mike I headed up to South Carolina to visit with my brother Tommy who recently suffered a stroke. I was expecting the worse and was pleasantly surprised to find him up moving around with a cane. Yeah, he still talks a little funny and moves around at a snails pace, but I am encouraged by the possibility of a full recovery given time and a litttle effort on his part.

I would’ve seen my sister but they were up in the mountains. Maybe next trip.

My prayers go out this morning to the people in the deep south affected by yesterday’s horrific storms. The loss of life and property is extensive.

I returned to find some work piled up so its taking me some time to get back in the swing of writing and doing something productive.

I like this recent quote I heard…¬†~ Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. ~

More later….

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