Barney Frank Throws in the Towel

Barney FrankBarney is calling it quits. He’s had enough.

What a coincidence. So have his congressional peers.

This guy always seemed a little sour but from what I’ve heard over the course of the morning.

His failures in congressional oversight of Fannie/Freddie is said to be at the root of failure for these programs.

Bill Wilson , Americans for Limited Government President, stated that Frank ignored all warning signs of Fannie and Freddie’s impending fall, defending the government sponsored enterprises even when he was well aware of the undercapitalization that was required for the loans they guaranteed.

“Frank leaves behind a disastrous record that will have consequences for years if not decades to come. His departure comes about 20 years too late,” Wilson said. “To his departure, American taxpayers say good riddance.”

Here, here.

I wonder if this is a photo of Barney Frank in his true comfort zone.


4 thoughts on “Barney Frank Throws in the Towel

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    You need to research the $200,000 a year Newt Gingrich pocketed from Fannie/Freddie before you point at Barney Frank as a failure. He tried to call congressional attention to the problem as early as 2004, but Gingrich blocked him at every move.

    And as for Bill Wilson, surely you know that Americans for Limited Government is a Koch-supported organization. The ideology they support is the antithesis of keeping big business out of our government.

    Frank supported gay rights. He supported women’s rights. And he had the only intelligent thing to say about our current, conflicted Congress that I’ve heard out of anyone’s mouth. He doesn’t fault conservatives for their views and he doesn’t denigrate his own beliefs. He’s direct to the point of being rude, but he’s honest. We won’t see his kind again any time soon.

  2. Deborah Winter-Blood

    And, btw, shame on you for that head-in-the-ass graphic. 😛

    You and I are truly the working man’s Carville and Matalin. <3 If we can manage to make this conflict of political values work in our happy little household, surely there's hope for the greater household that is "America".

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