Blog Commitment

BlogThe last time I missed a daily blog post was late November, 2010. I wasn’t about to let the clock strike midnight without meeting my blog commitment. Time to soldier on.

The date was Novemebr 30, the last day of 2010 NaNoWriMo. I was deep into my second novel (still sitting on the back-shelf unfinished but that’s the topic of another blog I am busy procrastinating about) and focused on writing. Daily blogging was not on my radar.

On The first of December, 497 days ago, I wrote “WriMo in the RearView”. Included in that post was this paragraph:

[box] The annual novelist’s thrash known as NaNoWriMo is history, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Haunting Charleston is in a state of flux. During the course of the WriMo effort, I wrote myself into a bottomless plot hole from which there is no easy escape. The plot scenario was falling quicker than GM stock.[/box]

It seems odd to me that I can sneak in barely an hour under the wire and get in today’s writing to acknowledge my commitment to the blog. Yet I can’t pull myself together long enough to blow the dust off Haunting Charleston and get it finished. (sigh)

In three days I will hit 500 consecutive days of blogging. I came this close to starting again at day 1. It’s time to recommit to commit.

I can’t be so cavalier with my writing and hope to grow as a blogger/writer. Paying the bills is necessary and important but that stuff doesn’t do anything to help me grow as a writer. The only thing that does that is writing. Blog commitment is a small part of the solution but it is an important part of keeping the skills sharp.

I need to write a story…. soon… very soon.

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