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I’m feelin’ the love.

Ten days ago my blog traffic more than doubled. I’ve had spikes before so I wasn’t too surprised. I would now consider this the baseball equivalent of a “Streak.” I know it could end any day and crash like a Wall Street Bank, but I am going to enjoy it while it’s here.

Being a Virgo I am a bit of a little professor with a need to know all the little mechanisms behind the numbers. Why is it after clicking along for months, between 100-200 hits a day, did it suddenly jump like that?

My ego wants to say, because you guys love me. You love what I write about and how I write about what I write about. You love my charming wit, my ink-borne smile, my slightly warped viewpoint and Cliff Claven like knowledge bank. I am a walking encyclopedia of worthless information.

Bu really, I’m not sure this has much to do with what I write about at all. Yeah, I have a pretty diverse blog with lots of different topics ranging from Cousin Eddie (who is good for a dozen or so hits every day) to Captain Crunch.

I think it’s got everything to do with the underpinnings of my blog. The things I have done to increase my visibility in the search engines (SEO.) The funny thing is, the date I doubled was October 29th, pretty much exactly a year from the date I decided to blog daily.

Bottom line is this. I have blogged daily for over a year now. In that time you’ve had a slight glimpse into who I am and what I am all about. Through it all you are still here in ever growing numbers, and for that — I thank you!

Even today it’s not even 9:00 in the morning and nearly 200 of you have dropped by for breakfast. That’s pretty cool!


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