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As a daily blogger I get to see what people read and don’t read, what they like and dislike. My blog stats are like little gauges into the psyche of the whole planet. (As you can see from my visitor map you literally are from all over the world.)

Some of the most popular posts have been:

Naked London Bike Ride (I still get 2-5 hits a day on that one)

Man Robs bank for $1

Is GE Helping China Compete Against Boeing

Cousin Eddie (Weirdo Wednesday – Feb 2, 2011)

Jeffrey Job-Killer

Rock and Roll Saturdays still get a lot of hits along the way.

So what do I take away from what I am seeing?

If I can ever write a blog about an unemployed and naked Randy Quaid robbing a bank in England and getting away on a bicycle, I should get about a gazillion hits!

On a side note I am getting a modest amount of daily traffic and I thank you for it.

2 thoughts on “Blog Traffic

  1. bwinwnbwi

    Thanks for the info and congratulations on your graph. Mine has way fewer hits (that’s okay though). I would feel very uncomfortable if I had more than I could connect with.

  2. Mickey Mills Post author

    It’s kind of crazy this blog traffic thing.Occasionally I’ll get a day where I’ll get hundreds dropping by… other days I’m lucky to see 20. You never know. I’ve gotten some good links so it’s building up.. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

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