Casey Anthony Returns to Florida

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony

The trial is over with an unpopular verdict. The most hated woman in America remains under the microscope, her every move subject to media attention. Today’s headline read:

Casey Anthony Reports for Probation in Florida

Anthony spent a good portion of Wednesday going over the terms of her probation with Florida Probation and Parole officials. The department originally stated they had no plans to make special provisions for Anthony. That was almost true. Under the terms of her probation she does not have to seek employment. Instead, Anthony will be going to school full-time online.

This is one of those things I have tried to not have an opinion about. Way too many people seemed to get way too emotional about this Casey Anthony verdict. Many of these people carrying, “Kill Casey Anthony” signs are probably nice, stable members of the community. The emotion and assumed miscarriage of justice was too much to swallow and it came out in a lynch mob mentality. In ways it was a reflection of the tragedy that got us to that Florida courtroom. Sadly, there is no justice for little Caylee and what’s funny is… after the not guilty verdict I haven’t heard one single person scream to find the real killer.

I like what the one juror said, “Not guilty does not mean innocent.”

If she was treated just like every other probationer in the system and had to find work, I don’t think she’d have a problem. I bet she would be the most popular stripper in the state.

Casey Athony

2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Returns to Florida

  1. Diane

    hahahahaha. No doubt she would be the most popular stipper in the state, but I haven’t heard of a stripper that may need to have a sniper on hand.

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