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Blog Commitment

BlogThe last time I missed a daily blog post was late November, 2010. I wasn’t about to let the clock strike midnight without meeting my blog commitment. Time to soldier on.

The date was Novemebr 30, the last day of 2010 NaNoWriMo. I was deep into my second novel (still sitting on the back-shelf unfinished but that’s the topic of another blog I am busy procrastinating about) and focused on writing. Daily blogging was not on my radar.

On The first of December, 497 days ago, I wrote “WriMo in the RearView”. Included in that post was this paragraph:

[box] The annual novelist’s thrash known as NaNoWriMo is history, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Haunting Charleston is in a state of flux. During the course of the WriMo effort, I wrote myself into a bottomless plot hole from which there is no easy escape. The plot scenario was falling quicker than GM stock.[/box]

It seems odd to me that I can sneak in barely an hour under the wire and get in today’s writing to acknowledge my commitment to the blog. Yet I can’t pull myself together long enough to blow the dust off Haunting Charleston and get it finished. (sigh)

In three days I will hit 500 consecutive days of blogging. I came this close to starting again at day 1. It’s time to recommit to commit.

I can’t be so cavalier with my writing and hope to grow as a blogger/writer. Paying the bills is necessary and important but that stuff doesn’t do anything to help me grow as a writer. The only thing that does that is writing. Blog commitment is a small part of the solution but it is an important part of keeping the skills sharp.

I need to write a story…. soon… very soon.

Blog Spam

Blog Spam

Blog Spam! I hate it!

Okay, maybe hate is a very strong word. I loath it with every fabric of my key-pounding being. Blog spam is the bane of every blogger out there, yet even in its yucky ever present appearance, there is a bight spot.

Just the fact that I am getting tons of spam says that my blog is not invisible and is being seen in search engines.

I’ll log into  my blog dashboard everyday to write a new blog and the first thing I am greeted with is: “The spam list.” Awhile back I might go two or three days, sometimes four or five without seeing any spam. Here lately I’ve been seeing several every day. And those are just the ones getting thorough.

The WordPress Askimet sits between me and the internet, filtering through posts and keeping me safe from spam that never makes it to my inbox.

Now here’s the thing. Blog spam is a double edge sward. Getting blog comments is good and helps your blog ranking, so there is a compelling reason for allowing the spam to post comments. I get better ranking.

However, I think it is important that the comment has merit and is directly tied to the blog post it’s replying to.

Most blog spam comments are very generic by nature and could fit the post. For the most part its all auto generated and isn’t even close.

Even worse than auto-spammers are the occasional bloggers that will outright steal a post and copy it to their blog. Those bloggers are the low-life scum of the internet, incapable of abstract thought and creatively coming up with something on their own.

The internet will be a much better place when spam disappears, until then I will keep dragging spammers to the trash bin where they belong.

[box type=”info”] When auto-spammers start replying to this one, I’m going to allow them to post so you can see the silliness of it all. [/box]


Blogging My Day Away

I’m a lot of things. A biker, a writer, a tinkerer, a little professor, I’ve even been known to take stuff apart and put them back together again just to see if I could. Sometimes I could, and sometimes… Well, we won’t talk about those other times. I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of days getting ready to move my blog over from

This is a move I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while., at least a year. The website was getting ready to auto-renew for another year and it wasn’t getting very much traffic where my blog is getting substantial traffic. A decision had to be made. The longer I waited the harder it was going to be.

BloggingOne huge downside is losing the stats from the old site where I had nearly 200,000 hits since day one. Although I was able to bring over all the blogging posts I’m essentially starting out here with the inital TPS traffic.

There’s still some things to be done. Like moving into a new house and you keep finding things that need to be done to make it livable. The move is done… now’s it’s that darned housework.

Blogging is the new poetry
– Unknown

Blog Stats

I’m feelin’ the love.

Ten days ago my blog traffic more than doubled. I’ve had spikes before so I wasn’t too surprised. I would now consider this the baseball equivalent of a “Streak.” I know it could end any day and crash like a Wall Street Bank, but I am going to enjoy it while it’s here.

Being a Virgo I am a bit of a little professor with a need to know all the little mechanisms behind the numbers. Why is it after clicking along for months, between 100-200 hits a day, did it suddenly jump like that?

My ego wants to say, because you guys love me. You love what I write about and how I write about what I write about. You love my charming wit, my ink-borne smile, my slightly warped viewpoint and Cliff Claven like knowledge bank. I am a walking encyclopedia of worthless information.

Bu really, I’m not sure this has much to do with what I write about at all. Yeah, I have a pretty diverse blog with lots of different topics ranging from Cousin Eddie (who is good for a dozen or so hits every day) to Captain Crunch.

I think it’s got everything to do with the underpinnings of my blog. The things I have done to increase my visibility in the search engines (SEO.) The funny thing is, the date I doubled was October 29th, pretty much exactly a year from the date I decided to blog daily.

Bottom line is this. I have blogged daily for over a year now. In that time you’ve had a slight glimpse into who I am and what I am all about. Through it all you are still here in ever growing numbers, and for that — I thank you!

Even today it’s not even 9:00 in the morning and nearly 200 of you have dropped by for breakfast. That’s pretty cool!



You know I don’t ask much of my readers. I provide a safe blogging environment. I don’t pass the basket and I don’t put out a sign that says, “Will blog for food.” I simply give till it hurts.

So for the first time since I rolled out I’m going to ask you to do something. Well I did ask you to participate in a poll awhile back so I suspect you guys will respond to this request the same way you responded to that request… you ignored it. But should you be feeling charitable…

I’m going to ask that if you like what you read here you’ll simply follow me on twitter. Here… I’ll make it easy for you.

Follow TPScribe on Twitter

See how easy that was… Thank you very much!

Blog Milestone – October 1, 2011

Short blog today.

I want to revel in the ionosphere of blog hits.

Sometime a little after midnight someone on the planet clicked their way onto my blog and became the 100,000th visitor.

You guys rock!!

I started the blog in August of 2009. By New Years I had posted 20 times, a bit slow out of the gate. The first nine months of 2010 were not much better but starting in October I picked up a little steam. The last day I missed blogging was Halloween of 2010. Since November 1st of last year I have blogged everyday. Maybe that was my Halloween resolution.

Anyway…. Thanks for all the visits. Let’s hope the next 100,000 comes a lot quicker.

My Russian Visitors

I have this little application over there ———>

That records from where and when people are visiting The Prodigal Scribe.

I was looking at it last night and noticed…

Geography was not my strong subject in school but I do know enough to recognize this as Russian Siberia. So I got to thinking about the person behind this dot. Is this a man or a woman — a doctor, lawyer, farmer or server in some small Russian restaurant along a small frozen river? Is this a student in college, a factory worker, a schoolchild or maybe some washed up Russian spy, surviving the best he or she can in some remote village high on a Siberian mountain? Maybe his name would be Boris – her’s Natasha. Maybe it’s a policeman researching a crime and found what he was looking for on my site. Not likely but it does have a romantic tinge to it.

So I dug a little deeper.  Turns out that one little dot represents all visitors from the Russian Federation since The Prodigal Scribe setup shop – three from Saint Petersburg, two from Moscow, one from Vladimir and one from parts unknown. I bet that’s the spy.

Looking at the stats from my little visitor application reveals a couple of other interesting facts.

I’m more than twice as popular in Pakistan as I am in Australia.

The French aren’t really big fans.

Americans spend way too much time online. (Me included)

To my seven Russian friends. Come back anytime. Until then…

Dos vidonya.

Blog Traffic

As a daily blogger I get to see what people read and don’t read, what they like and dislike. My blog stats are like little gauges into the psyche of the whole planet. (As you can see from my visitor map you literally are from all over the world.)

Some of the most popular posts have been:

Naked London Bike Ride (I still get 2-5 hits a day on that one)

Man Robs bank for $1

Is GE Helping China Compete Against Boeing

Cousin Eddie (Weirdo Wednesday – Feb 2, 2011)

Jeffrey Job-Killer

Rock and Roll Saturdays still get a lot of hits along the way.

So what do I take away from what I am seeing?

If I can ever write a blog about an unemployed and naked Randy Quaid robbing a bank in England and getting away on a bicycle, I should get about a gazillion hits!

On a side note I am getting a modest amount of daily traffic and I thank you for it.