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If It’s Not Broken – Don’t Fix It


I keep trying to figure out this “New and Improved” Facebook.

I read instructions a while back on how the build the Space Shuttle.  That actually seemed do-able compared to this.

I’m not convinced Einstein could figure out what they’ve done to Facebook or for that matter, why they took a perfectly simple user interface and turned it into something akin to reading braille written on rice.

Frankly, I’m lost as last year’s Easter Egg. Some of my friends that were, aren’t; some friends that weren’t, are. My wall is like Dodge City where you never know who or what you will see next.

News feed? What’s up with that. I’m seeing people doing things to people I don’t know with stuff I haven’t the foggiest interest in and I don’t have a clue on how to stop the madness.

It’s enough to drive a man to MySpace!!

Facebook Wants You to Be in Ads

Facebook is going all in for advertising. They are betting that their users will comment on paid advertising.

According to Adage, Facebook is lauching the capability to “Comment” on ad units. Those comments will then appear as sponsored stories on the advertiser’s website.

For example “Hallmark” will ask, “How do you make summertime a special occasion?” The instant you respond to the question that conversasion displays on the users wall and now their friends can jump in and participate.

It’s like Facebook Multi-Level-Marketing.

Let me make sure I understand this. I am in a visual participant corporate advertising — possibly with a group of my friends. And the only person getting paid is Facebook.

Not a bad deal for Facebook. Unfortunately the thing that made Facebook grow in the first place is a thing of the past. That something is in-your-face advertising.

I don’t like it. It just feels like advertisers are taking advantage of customers without compensation. Now if Hallmark wants to send me a box of cards I might serve up a comment or two.

I also heard Buick was signing up for the new Facebook user driven advertising. I want mine in red.