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Weirdo Wednesday – December 28, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayWednesdays of 2011 have been dedicated to all the weirdness and oddity this world has to offer. I’ve decided to put wrap on the weird and do something else next year. I don’t know what will replace Weirdo Wednesday until next Wednesday rolls around

So this week’s Weirdo Wednesday is a year in review kind of deal where I’m reaching back into the vault and pulling out the top ten posts. (not in any particular order.)

  1. Cousin Eddie – Feb 2
  2. Officer Bubbles – Feb 9
  3. Skeletons in the Closet – Jun 8
  4. Weird clowns – Aug 24
  5. Weird things sold at Amazon – Aug 3
  6. Lego Man – Oct 26
  7. Webcam 101 for seniors – Sep 21
  8. The Cardiff Giant – Jun 29
  9. Weird California – Jun 22
  10. News of the Weird – Aug 10

The Weirdo Wednesday that has been the biggest surprise in the terms of hits is Cousin Eddie on Feb 2. I can always count on Eddie to bring in a few hits every day. His hit count as of yesterday was 597.

I’ve enjoyed doing these WW posts. They have helped me hone my research skills and through the process I learned a little bit about a lot of weirdness.

This post closes the books on Weirdo Wednesday. Now to figure out what I am doing next week.

Weirdo Wednesday – Dec 21, 2011

Weirdo WednesdaySo here we are the last WW before Christmas. I thought I would Google “Weird Christmas Trees.” I hit the motherlode of weirdness.

The only problem I had was sorting out the weirdest so I tried to pick out the weirdest of the weird.

I thought the PacMan tree from Madrid was rather unique.


And then there’s the Keg Tree with the beer can ornaments. Considering all the booze bottles and twelve-packs under the tree I’m guessing this is the Delta House.

The Keg Tree

Keeping with the Spirit’s of Christmas theme, this green beer bottle construction is a great addition to the weirdness. I’m not quite sure how safe it will be when the drunks start throwing stuff at each other.

The Beer Tree

I rather like the tree tree. It has scope and breadth and aroma. I love the smell of spruce in the morning — it smells like…. Christmas.

The Tree Tree

Things can get a little topsy-turvy around Christmas even without the booze.

Check out this upside down Christmas tree.

The Upside-down Tree

One’s weird – two’s a trend.

The Upside-down Tree 2

I don’t even know what to call this one. It’s weird even by my standards.

The Very Werid Tree

Ingenuity counts for something. Trust a man when he says, give me some plywood and a ladder and I will build a freaking Christmas tree. Maybe two.

The Plywood Tree—-The Ladder Tree

I don’t know what it is, where it came from, who made it, or even what it’s made of. It’s either gold wrenches or styrofoam. I think by definition – if you can’t define something, it’s definitely weird.

The WTF Tree

So if you haven’t got that pine or spruce marvel for your living room there’s still time to embrace the weirdness.

If you already have a weird tree please send me a photo in the space below.

Weirdo Wednesday – Dec 14, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayConsidering yesterday was a Christmas Card day I thought I’d cover this one for Weirdo Wednesday. Just when you think people can’t get any weirder, they do. Most of the time they turn out to be politicians.

The major of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, recently sent out his family Christmas greeting card. Nothing says Merry Christmas like wild beasts trying to kill each other.

The awkward image, posted on the website: shows the Santini family and Mayor Jorge Santini in a warm family pose, complete with stuffed beasts of the serengeti in the foreground. Snowflakes on the borders give it that extra Christmas magic.

“May this Christmas light your dream” is the slogan (“Que esta navidad, ilumine tu sueno”) which would be appropriate if your dream is to see leopard attacks and survival of the fittest.

The photo shoot was done at San Juan’s Museo de Vida Silvestre, the local world wildlife museum.

Weirdo Wednesday – December 7, 2011

Weirdo WednesdaySanta Claus is a busy guy. For at least a couple of months anyway. But he’s got a lot of down time too. What’s a jolly fat guy to do with all that spare time? He’s got plenty of help to make the toys, feed the reindeer, and such. But what does the big guy do with his spare time.

santa olympicsHe trains for the Olympics – the Santa Olympics.

For this event you would have to travel to the way up north Swedish town of Gällivare. It’s not quite the North Pole but you can see it from there.

This years event included eight Santas from seven countries. They competed in a host of Santa and Reindeer games each hoping to be crowned the Top Nick. Events included:

  • Reindeer Race
  • Kick Sleigh Race
  • Porridge Eating Contest
  • The “Christmas Day Special”
    (Something silly with Candy Cane)
  • Chimney Climbing

This year’s top jolly guy is Dave Downey, a bloke from down under. Holy Tinsel on the Barbie, St. Nick. Grab your can of Fosters and toast the Aussie Claus!


Weirdo Wednesday – November 30, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayConsidering this is the last Wednesday of November and the week after Thanksgiving I decided to take a look at Weird things about Turkey.

(The bird, not the country)

Or in other words…. the Quirky Turkey.

  • Turkeys can drown if they look up when it’s raining
  • Turkeys generally spend the night in trees
  • The Wild Turkey was Ben Franklin’s choice for the National bird
  • There are approximately 5,500 feathers on a turkey
  • Loud explosions have been known to bring on heart attacks in turkeys
    (That explains Elmer Fudd saying… be vewy vewy qwy-yet)
  • A full grown turkey can fly 55 mph.
  • June is National Turkey Lover’s month.  (June???)
  • In the 1930s the Wild Turkey was almost extinct.
    (Their population today exceeds seven million)
  • The first “Presidential Pardon” came from Truman in 1947

Weird TurkeyTurkey Terms

Hen – a female turkey.

Poult – a baby turkey. A chick.

Tom – a male turkey. Also known as a gobbler.

Caruncle – brightly colored growths on the throat region. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Gizzard – a part of a bird’s stomach that contains tiny stones. It helps them grind up food for digestion.

Snood – the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey’s beak. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Wattle – the flap of skin under the turkey’s chin. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Scientific genus and species: Meleagris gallopavo

Weirdo Wednesday – Nov 23, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayCraigslist is a pretty neat place. The online bulletin board where you can sell that stuff that is cluttering up your house; that old ugly lamp, a hand me down microwave when you get a new one, the stair-master you never use, and the husband that plays video games around the clock.

Holy matrimonial mayhem. Selling her husband on Craigslist?

Had I not seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

“Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours,” reads the ad on Craiglist’s “Free Stuff” section. Alyse Bradley, of Logan, Utah, is offering up her video-game-playing husband. “He enjoys eating and playing video games all day,” she writes.

The wife posted the ad as a joke, offering her 22-year-old husband, Kyle Bradley, to the highest bidder, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. After the video game Modern Warfare 3 was released on November 8th, Kyle had a hard time tearing himself away. He recently returned home to Utah from Aghanistan after sustaining a back injury. The husband claims that gaming is one way that he stays connected to his military friends.

Apparently, no adequate offers have been made for the game-playing veteran.

This becomes just another item in the long list of weird Craigslist postings.

On a side note I have decided to shut down “Weirdo Wednesday” at the end of the year which means there are five more I will do.

Perhaps you have a suggestion on what I can now do with my free and available Wednesdays in 2012.


Weirdo Wednesday – November 16, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayOh those silly New Yorkers.

Somewhere along the way I’m confident I played strip poker in mixed company. I’m positive tequila and locked doors were involved.

The art community in New York city is not inherently weird, or bizarre, but on occasion some of the ideas get pretty zany and extreme. Take the new exhibit by local artist Zefrey Throwell. His “I’ll Raise You One…” romp art show opened in TriBeCa’s Art In General gallery, over the weekend.

Through this week a total of 48 participants will literally gamble the clothes off their backs and breasts in the name of art. I’m talking the ancient and noble game of Strip Poker where anyone is subject to lose a shirt or their skivvies.

Anyone in the neighborhood can swing by to keep up on the action between 10:30 in the morning and 6:00 p.m.  The poker table is in full view of the front window.

Let’s hope the front room is well heated before everything gets too perky.

This may not be entirely weird but it is provocative.


UFO Exposed

Remember my UFO post on Weirdo Wednesday a week ago? It was from New Orleans on Monday Night Football. The UFO community was all abuzz with this “unexplainable” video.

As it turns out the unexplainable now is.

The cameraman, R.D. Willis, contacted the Huffington Post to explain what we were all watching. R.D. is a “Time Lapse photographer. He works with the network to provide “Beauty” shots of the city the game is played in. Sometime during the broadcast the network will play the video.

In the case of the UFO behind St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, what the viewer is seeing is commercial aircraft appearing to fly very fast because of the nature of time-lapse photography.

“If you watch Sunday Night Football on a regular basis, you will recognize my time lapse videos throughout our telecasts,” Willis told HuffPost exclusively.

“I move and manipulate my Nikon Still DSLR camera with a computer controlled pan head and dolly. This technique makes my time lapse video motion seem more like ‘real time’ motion when, in fact, they are a series of still images played back very quickly.”

Using his special rig that combines a camera, computer and dolly, every Friday night, Willis (seen here with his camera setup in New Orleans) goes out and shoots videos of different scenes in the host football city he finds himself in.

The entire video that shows rod-shaped objects moving behind the cathedral lasts nearly 30 seconds, but in order to end up with a sequence that appears to be moving in real time, it took Willis much longer to capture the scene.

“I’m a time lapse photographer, so the interval — the amount of time between shutter clicks– varies based on the subject matter,” he explained. “I want to shoot a clock for an hour so that I can see that minute hand spin all the way around.

“In real time, it took me about an hour and 10 minutes, standing there with my motion control track set up in front of the [cathedral] gates. And that’s how I got all those images.”

I love a good UFO as much as the next guy but on this one the record is set straight.


Weirdo Wednesday – Nov 9, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayPeople will buy anything. And I literally mean anything. Sometimes they will pay a bunch of money for things you’d have to pay me to take. And if a celebrity is attached to it, the more money it will fetch.

Take for example the recent auction of John Lennon’s gnarly, half-decayed tooth. Over the weekend a Canadian dentist paid  £19,000 ($31,200) for Lenny’s molar. I wonder if the good dentist will resist the urge to fill the cavity.

Lennon's MolarNow because the tooth is so fragile and nobody wants to devalue the ivory icon, there’s no way to really substantiate that the tooth did once reside in John Lennon’s mouth. As the story goes the daughter of Lennon’s housekeeper put the tooth up for auction last month. Whether the tooth really belonged to Lennon. I’m not sure anyone truly knows much less the dentist that bought it.

(Now’s when I want to come up with a good Tooth Fairy joke, but I’m all out.)

I “Imagine” the housekeeper thinks the Dentist is a real “Nowhere Man” for not paying much more than the price of a nice BMW for the iconic tooth. With the tidy some of £19,000 the “Woman” should be able to get a “Ticket to Ride” as she’s “Starting Over.” Fortunately they were able to “Come Together” on the price.

“Yesterday” was a good day for a tooth auction, but especially so if you were a “Walrus.”

You might have noticed… this is just another “Day in the Life” for a web weirdo. Whatever gets you through the night… is all right.



Weirdo Wednesday – November 2, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayIt just doesn’t get much weirder than UFO’s. Unless you are talking about UFO’s… in New Orleans… on Monday Night Football.

Who dat?

The UFO crowd and the opposing team – the naysayers, are going toe-to-toe on this one. On one side of the field, the flying saucer/UFO aficionados claiming victory in the football footage. The response by the unbelievers is—flying insect.

Me? I don’t have a flying tea-cup on this race. UFO or speeding dragonfly, I don’t care. Either way this pegs the weird-shit-o-meter.


Source: The Huffington Post