ebooksI don’t suppose I am much different from most writers. I started out as a reader. As a child I always had my nose in a book. (I had The Hardy Boys library but I don’t usually spread that around.) Somewhere between hard rock, getting married and bad eyes, I all but gave up reading. That is until eBooks gave me back the gift of the good novel.

Over the last few years my eyes were going bad and even cataract surgery was not enough to fix it. I still had to wear readers and publishers seem to be on a race to see who could achieve the smallest print that people will still pay for. As far as my eyes were concerned most books printed these days use a six-point font of unidentifiable origin. Smudge a page with that cheap-ass ink and you are done.

So after this last eye surgery and the price drop on Kindles I made the leap.

All I can say to the e-Ink gods of Amazon is thank you for giving me back the gift of reading.

With e-Readers you are able to adjust the font size to fit the eyeballs and for that reason alone it was a worthy investment. Not to mention that creating Kindle books pretty much demanded that I have a reader to test out my conversions.

Kindle FireThen late last year, Amazon launched their version of the media-rich tablet device, the Kindle Fire. Armed with a couple of Amazon gift cards and a few dollars of my own, I ordered one of these puppies and bequethed the old Kindle to my sweetheart (who fell in love with it immediately just for the host of classic literature she put on it.)

What the Fire has given me is the gift of reading magazines. The Newstand pushes in a couple of magazines each month for a fraction of the printed price. It has the added benefit of adding additional media to the magazine such as video or audio, or let you link directly out to a website. Pretty cool stuff.

The only complaints I have with the Fire is the screen glare under certain conditions and the eight gig of memory meaning I have to shuffle movies in and out as I need them. I hope the next generation allows you to add an SD card for additional storage.

If you are considering a Kindle Fire, I would wait a few weeks until the Fire 2 comes out. I’m not sure what the differences are but I’m confident it’s worthy of the wait.

Now… back to the movie playing on my Kindle Fire.


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