Droid BionicI’m a guy… if course I like gadgets!

LOOK! Something shiny!

I’ve been limping along for the last few months on a cell phone that looked like it did a year with Seal Team Six as a makeshift tent stake. It has the battery lifespan of an Iraqi cease fire and drops calls quicker than a hurricane wind.

In other words, I’ve been needing a new phone for quite awhile. With the recent celebration of my birth over a half century ago I decided to treat myself with a new phone. I was hoping out for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

“Damn you Verizon… Damn you all to hell!” (That’s my early morning planet of the apes reference in case that evaded you.)

With Verizon deciding to forego the SII in favor of the Droid Bionic I had to back up and punt. Not knowing anything about the new Motorola I had to do a little research. In the days before the Bionic launch there was not a lot of hard information about the upcoming phone. But what I could decipher is this….

    1. It’s fast
    2. It’s fast
    3. It’s fast
With a 1ghz dual-core processor on Verizons 4G/LTE Network this guy ought to be a speed demon the likes of Mario Andretti and the Space Shuttle. This thing comes out just in time to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s new kid on the block, iPhone 5, coming soon to an Apple store near you.
I may be wrong but I think in a straight up fight this phone can best the igadget on several points.
    1. Flash support – (nuff said)
    2. LTE (iPhone 5 will still be on 3G)
    3. Up to 32 gig Mini SD (Take that iPhone)
    4. 1080p HD Video camera
    5. Webtop adapter ($30 – USB & HDMI 1080p port)
    6. Which means you could easily attach a USB Keyboard and HDMI monitor.

Did I mention I love gadgets? I love the whole technology playground thing, new toys to tinker with, and a manual to read as a last resort. “We dun need no stinkin’ manual.” (Loosely based on Treasure of the Sierra Madre, keeping with my movie theme.)

Speaking of which… There’s a FedEx truck rolling through the neighborhood looking to put a Droid Bionic into my very anxious hands.


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  1. Diane K

    hahahahah. I understand Deb’s response. Boys do LOVE their toys. Thank God the kid still remains in each of us except, of course, when they are having tantrums. And I HATE manuals!!!!!!!!!

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