Haunting Injustice

I recently made the decision to Self-Publish my first novel.  I know that goes against conventional wisdom, but considering the lack of responses (other than rejections) to the gaggle of Agents I have queried, this is probably the path of least resistance for me.  I have some short term needs hampered by this lengthy unemployment.  I know I bite off 100% of the marketing, but the model seems to fit with what I want to do.

That being said, yesterday was a watershed moment in my writing career.  The first proof for Haunting Injustice arrived for my review.  I already knew I was going to do something different for cover art, but seeing it bound.. smelling the freshly printed pages… seeing my name across the front… I wish I could come up with better words to describe the moment, but exhilarating seems to be pretty close.

I floated my cover art attempt around some friends and got basically the same response.  Good mystery cover – sucky paranormal cover.  Immediately after that I got an offer from a professional graphics designer to do a complete custom  layout with photo shoot.  All she asked for was inside credit and references in the future.  She said… “I have a soft spot in my heart for startups.”  So, I think it best I take her up on it.  Can’t wait to see the final design. Her preliminary thoughts are intriguing.

There were some other things I had to do to the internal layout.  I’ve learned a whole lot about doing camera ready typesetting within MS Word.  The publisher takes my camera ready PDF and uses that for the print.

Hopefully, the final proof will be approved by late January and the book will go on sale in early February.

It’s all very exciting!

There are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth the publishing, to find honest men to publish it, and to get sensible men to read it.~~ C. C. Colton

6 thoughts on “Haunting Injustice

  1. Katie Adam

    Good luck and Congratulations! I know it takes a lot of effort and hardships in writing a book and surely it takes a lot of courage to publish one. It’s a nice thing for that professional graphics designer to offer her service. Kindness sure find its way to those who need them.

  2. Deborah Winter-Blood

    When I held your proof in my hands, I know exactly how I felt and I have no trouble using the word EXHILERATED!!!

    I respect your decision to go POD. With a book this good, it’ll find its place among the best sellers regardless of how it finds its way into print.

  3. Sylvia Dickey Smith

    Hi Mickey,

    Found you from Cassandra Jade’s blog. Good luck on your self-publishing adventure. Sounds like you’ve done a ton of work to get where you are, and I’m sure it will pay off in the end because of that. I look forward to seeing the cover art! I’m adding a link to your site on my blog. Lots of luck!

  4. Barb

    Done POD with the comic books and graphic novels so far (because I’m still looking for a Wise Reader for the novels)… after years of photocopied zines, having a full color print of my art&story was amazing!
    Good luck with the self-publishing, I’m going to follow you real soon…

  5. Debosophy

    I am friends with the woman who produced your cover art and she’s extolling the virtues of your book on her blog, so I thought I’d come take a look.

    The plot to this book sounds right up my alley, so I’ll be ordering one when they’re available.

    Congratulations =D

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