He’s a Beaglemaniac!

One look into the innocence of this bundle of Beagle love and you would think… “Awwwwwww — What a sweet and marvelous puppy!”

You would be mistaken.

This little guy is a canine wrecking crew. Nothing is safe from the jaws of death. The Lab is about ready to have a nervous breakdown from the oppressive din of the Beagle’s yark! (Think “Bark” but three octaves higher.)

I’ve never seen a Beagle with this many personalities:

1: Shooter McGruder – the world is his chew toy

2: Jaws – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kennel

3: Sherlock Bones – The Hound of  the Yarkersville

4: The Godpuppy – Leave the bone, take the cannolli.

5: Top Dog – I have the need for cheese.

6: Legal Beagle – Your briefs are not safe.

7: Andretti Puppy – Zooms round and round the house at hyper-beagle speed.

8: Bobby McBeagle – Won’t worry, be snappy

9: Astropup – The Beagle has landed.

I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him. (Well maybe I would, but not a penny less.)

The maniac has a way of creeping into your heart.

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