Insane Clown Puppy

For those of you that haven’t met…

This is Shooter McGruder.

He’s oddly strange in a funny kind of way. He can look at you through the misty eyes of Beagle love. And in the next minute be in your face “Yarking” like an insane maniac. (Yark is shooter speak for get up and pay attention to me!)

He’ll get going around the living room like it’s the Daytona 500, racing around like Richard Petty headed for the checkers. And then he’s sitting in the front window staring at the neighbors like – “One of these days, mister… One of these days.”

This is the strangest little dog ever. He tries my patience. He has this look when he’d done something he knows he shouldn’t be doing. No, it’s not this look – not even close. He tilts those eyes in a way that says, “You’re going to mad but I can explain. I didn’t mean to — really I didn’t.”

He has the attention span of a deck chair and the sneaky mind of a spy. He’s scary smart. I’m convinced he has retractable thumbs. He’ll get stuff you would absolutely need thumbs to acquire.

I love this silly insane dog… most of the time. In my face yarking at 5:00 in the morning is questionable.


4 thoughts on “Insane Clown Puppy

  1. Diane K.

    Ditto to the above. It is obvious that you love Shooter. What a great name and a very fun
    read that one was!

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