It’s always something….

Between the killer headache on Wednesday and other life issues that popped up yesterday, my word count goal has already hit a snag. Nothing left to do but buckle down and catch back up.

And to make matters worse, the warm pre-spring day is calling my name. Pearl needs a little asphalt time…. and so do I.

One thought on “It’s always something….

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    I see now that you went easy on me – far easier than you are on yourself.

    You set up the word count chart for me with a 5000 word per week goal. I was able to finish my novel in slightly over 3 months – I think it was 3 months, 1 week.

    Anyway, what I’m suggesting is that you 1) be as kind to yourself as you are to others (especially me) and 2) don’t worry about finishing – you will. I have nothing but faith in you!

    Besides, the readers who fell in love with Dr. Phoenix Worthy are clammoring for a sequel and won’t let you get away with NOT writing one.

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