Life Without the NFL

NFLThis is week whatever in pro football. Somebody’s playing somebody else. Somebody’s going to get hurt. Somebody’s going to drop a ball. Somebody’s going to make a touchdown. Somebody in the stands is going to spill an $8 cup of beer. It’s going to get their $200 seat wet.

Another Sunday in the NFL is here. “Whatever.”

I’m still on football boycott. Football is locked out at my house.

Back in the spring when I sat back and watched grown men, millionaires already, bicker about money that didn’t really belong to them, I decided I was not going to invest my time or dollars supporting these childish, self-serving figures.

In all the months I watched the drama play out over collective bargaining, free agents, player salaries, team salary caps larger than most small town budgets, and how the money is divided up, I never once heard them talk about the most important person on the team — The Fan.

Without the fan there is no money to split up. No Fans would mean no football. The player attitude seemed to be ‘You can’t play football without us.’ That may be true. It’s be hard to have a game without players.

Football could be played without the fans. But for how long? It’s the fan that buys that $8 beer and the $200 seat that puts that $150 million in the teams pocketbook. Try paying your quarterback $10 million dollars a year without the fan.

So maybe I’m not a fan. You could make the argument that a true fan would look past the selfish nature of the players and the league. A true fan would forgive and forget and embrace the game they love. I figured out the game I love is played on Friday nights in small towns across this country where the game is not about the dollar. It’s about what really matters – family, team, community, and the simple love for the game.

Even college ball has that same spirit. Money and greed ruined pro football. I’ve hung up my fan cleats and truthfully… I don’t even miss it. (I hope I can still say that when NASCAR season is over.) I hope I’m strong enough to continue the lockout come Feb 5th when the super-dollar bowl is played in Indianapolis.  I hope.

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