Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

From the Scribe…

This year has certainly been interesting to say the least. I put fifteen thousand miles on my Harley touring my beloved America and writing my first novel. HAUNTING INJUSTICE, currently in the final phases of proofing, is the culmination of a dream. Most of the book was written on this trip. I spent a few mornings just a stones throw from the O.K. Corral in Tombstone Arizona tapping out chapters. The best coffee in town was found at the O.K. Cafe. 🙂

I found a library that had free Wi-Fi and a coffee shop. I spent some time there writing. People would stop by and ask me about my bike. I guess the highlight of the whole trip was meeting people and talking about my writing, my blog, my bike, and my book. Anyway, thousands of miles later and the book is almost ready. My mind is exploring the plot of the next book. I can’t wait to see how its received.

I’m watching the snow and ice fall outside my window thinking how fitting it is to end the year of the scribe with a White Christmas. Growing up in South Carolina, I didn’t get many of those.


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  1. Barb

    sounds like you had a great year! Best of luck with the new book… and lucky you to have a white Christmas, in Roma, Italy it never snows… sniff!
    Merry Christmas and to a 2010 writing year!
    Keep writing

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