My 2012 NFL Boycott

Two big games today in the NFL. Two more games I won’t be watching. Two winners – two losers. The winners go to Indianapolis. The losers are left to figure out what went wrong. Sports is like that – winners and losers. I started out the season as a loser unlike many of the NFL players and owners who held the sport hostage for most of the year.

Who was sitting at the bargaining table representing me and the other millions of us who put the money in the team owners and the players hand? We are the ones who buy the tickets and the $200 jackets, the $8 hot dog and the $15 parking. Who is it in front of the television on the weekends and Monday night watching the commercials of the sponsors who pay the networks who pour money like water into the NFL’s coffers?

What bugged me about the whole thing is this. At the end of the day… in the final analysis… when it was all said and done… the whole thing was about money. It just bothered me that nobody ever pointed out that it was our money. From day one they acted like it was their money. It was only their money after we gave it to them.

The NFL boycott of 2011 is history. Two champions will be crowned today and in a couple of weeks go duke it out at Lucas Field – one winner, one loser. When the dust settles on the 2011 season, my little boycott will have absolutely no impact on the season except where it matters the most. The knowledge that I took a personal stand and stayed there. It might be the minority voice but it’s my minority voice and I’m okay with that.

I wonder if it will be okay to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and not the football? That’s a dilemma I have two weeks to wrestle with.

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