My Russian Visitors

I have this little application over there ———>

That records from where and when people are visiting The Prodigal Scribe.

I was looking at it last night and noticed…

Geography was not my strong subject in school but I do know enough to recognize this as Russian Siberia. So I got to thinking about the person behind this dot. Is this a man or a woman — a doctor, lawyer, farmer or server in some small Russian restaurant along a small frozen river? Is this a student in college, a factory worker, a schoolchild or maybe some washed up Russian spy, surviving the best he or she can in some remote village high on a Siberian mountain? Maybe his name would be Boris – her’s Natasha. Maybe it’s a policeman researching a crime and found what he was looking for on my site. Not likely but it does have a romantic tinge to it.

So I dug a little deeper. ┬áTurns out that one little dot represents all visitors from the Russian Federation since The Prodigal Scribe setup shop – three from Saint Petersburg, two from Moscow, one from Vladimir and one from parts unknown. I bet that’s the spy.

Looking at the stats from my little visitor application reveals a couple of other interesting facts.

I’m more than twice as popular in Pakistan as I am in Australia.

The French aren’t really big fans.

Americans spend way too much time online. (Me included)

To my seven Russian friends. Come back anytime. Until then…

Dos vidonya.

One thought on “My Russian Visitors

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    Frankly, I’m more intrigued by the dot over there in Hawaii. I like to think that if I lived in an island paradise, the last thing I’d be doing is checking out blogs. It just goes to show you, Mickey: People LOVE your blogs!

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