NaNoWriMo – Day 12

Words today:  2,464
Total Words: 30,015

To dream the impossible dream. The amazing thing is, although in the past I could never see me trying this because, knowing my procrastination skills, I automatically dubbed WriMo an impossible endeavor – for me.

Each day I am more and more convinced I will make goal well ahead of schedule. The lesson in this is that I can write at a productive pace.  I can produce novels with a potential for distribution. I have to leave actual publication up to the literary gods. (The agent gods are a totally different topic.)

Anyway, I’m just going to soldier on. Another day down in the WriMo challenge and I’m still here.

Writing is not a genteel profession; it’s quite nasty and tough and kind of dirty.
~ Rosemary Mahoney


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 12

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    Soldiering on – what a great phrase! And, truly, it’s the way great novels get written. Soldier on, darlin’ – I can’t wait to read the end. So far this novel is arse over ears better than HI, and you know I love HI!

  2. Jessica

    Wow! Great job on the word count. I started off well, got a LOVELY head cold, and now I’m all sorts of behind. Reading your post really gave me a lot of motivation to suck it up and get at it again. Thanks for the great post. 🙂

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