NaNoWriMo – Day 14

Words today: 2,815
Total Words: 35,348

This challenge is about many things – discipline, perseverance, faith, pacing, creativity and a dedication to the task at hand. It’s about focus and resolve. When you start out in life as undisciplined, impatient and unfocused, which for the most part I was all these things, something has to happen inside. You have to reach past everything natural and do what doesn’t come naturally. In essence you have to have some change in your core makeup that will allow you to win the competition.

This is not a competition between WriMo participants. This is a battle with yourself. The only one that can keep you from winning is yourself. But that goes way beyond WriMo. The lessons you learn about yourself by growing beyond your shortcomings, applying everything you have within to win are the same lessons that will help you succeed in all things. It’s the same attitudes that will separate you from your competition when you step beyond the keyboard and apply the same principles of courage, perseverance, and discipline.

I finally understand at the end of thirty days it’s not about the 50,000 words. It’s just simply that I wrote. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Hey – that would make a good bumper sticker.

Beyond WriMo, my goal is 80,000 words in 45 days.


“Every novel is an original, every story is imbued with an atmosphere, and every genre has a distinctive tone. The worst possible case occurs when a novel has none of these qualities.” ~ Elizabeth Lyon, Manuscript Makeover


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 14

  1. Carol Weindel

    You’re such an inspiration in so many ways! For that…….thank you! It all started when you took that cross country trip and I said “I can do that”……….and now you are my favorite Author!! Proud to call you my friend!

  2. Mickey Mills Post author

    Thanks for that vote of confidence, Carol. 🙂

    In case you were wondering, Haunting Injustice was 65,000 words. I think this piece may even approach 90,000.

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