NaNoWriMo – Day 6

What’s surprising to me is how easy this is coming. I’ve heard the old adage that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. So maybe it works that when the writer is ready the story will appear. I had a vision for this story back in March when I published the first book. There is even a short blurb about Haunting Charleston on the last page.

Many of you know that I broke my shoulder back at the end of June. I was about 4,000 words into Haunting Charleston then. Truth be known I could’ve gone back to work on it 7-8 weeks later.  But I fell into a trap of my own making and refused to climb out of it.  I can sugar-coat it all day, but the simple truth is I lost the motivation and got lazy.  I kept telling myself, maybe tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes.  That’s the mantra of the procrastinator and I sang it with certifiable glee.

So, what is it about the NaNoWriMo that brought back the motivation? I can only answer for me. Ultimately I decided the only one keeping me from writing was me. I had made some commitments to be finished writing Haunting Charleston by the new year and unfortunately it wasn’t going to write itself. I tossed the 4,000 words, which I wasn’t very happy with anyway. I retooled the outline and added several new chapters.  I added a couple of pretty cool characters and by the time November 1 rolled around I was excited about the project again.

Back to what I said in a previous blog.  To be a writer I have to believe in myself as a writer. Sometimes that’s as simple as just putting down word count, which in the final analysis is what WriMo is all about anyway.

Prose is architecture, not interior decoration. ~ Ernest Hemingway

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