NaNoWriMo – Day 7

I think back a few years to when I first heard about NaNoWriMo and thinking to myself, that’s impossible or why would anyone want to do that? It seems I have my answer. People do it to get a novel written. (Insert collective DUH! here)

I also remember when i first started this project earlier in the year, I set my goal at 2,000 words per day on a five day work week. Intellectually I told myself at that pace I can have an 80,000 word novel, first draft, complete in eight weeks. And when I started writing, for whatever reason I lacked the drive to push to that pace. I was coming in around 1,500 or so and wondering what was wrong. I started rationalizing and justifying until I had myself convinced I was setting myself up for failure by setting the bar too high. (Not once did I ever consider those writers who year after year completed the 50K in 30 Day challenge.)

So I took the wimp way out – I sold myself a bill of goods and said, okay dude, set your word count goal at 1000 a day, 5000 a week and you can have your novel written in sixteen weeks. I bought into the lie. The lie being “I Couldn’t.” It’s the same lie that will keep me mired in obscurity, unable to write – no, not unable… unwilling.

So what makes today different from then; from three months ago when I didn’t believe I could, to going further everyday of this challenge than I ever thought possible? I had to change my mind, my heart, my drive and turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can,’ and beyond that to “I am going to.’

You see, I have always been one of these guys that is strong out of the gate, but fades down the stretch. One of those guys that knows when the going gets tough… the going gets tough, so why go. I don’t like that guy. I like the guy who can get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and say… “Damn, son… you need a shave!” And then without shaving sit down and push through another day of writing and at the end of the day look at my word count and wonder. “How in the world did I ever get the idea that I couldn’t?” I got it by believing the lie.

I wrote 3,188 words today, because I can!

The road to ignorance is paved with good editors. ~ George Bernard Shaw


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  1. Diane

    Terrific Mickey. Keep it up. It is inspirational to see your mental changes that have occured and that you have realized during this writing. I love “I can”.

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