Naughty or Nice

Well here it is, almost Christmas again. The jolly old guy has this list, you see. I wonder what side of the naughty/nice sheet I am populating this year.

Let’s see, I took in a rescue dog, that should be good for a check on the nice side.

But there was that time I stiffed a server for a tip. In my defense, she was possibly the worst server to ever tie on an apron. I thought about it later and I probably should’ve just ratted her out to the manager, but instead I didn’t even leave her a lump of coal. Yeah… I was naughty.

I rode nearly 800 miles on my Harley to visit my son on his 30th birthday. I don’t know if that’s necessarily nice because he’s my son and I should’ve been there regardless. The fact that it was a long bike trip was icing on the proverbial asphalt. Okay, so we’ll just leave it at sort of nice.

So if that was sort of nice then that April Fool’s prank was just sort of naughty. (And that’s all I’m going to say about that.)

I learned while writing this blog that naughty or nice means something completely different to a pre-social security biker than it does to a ten year old kid wondering if he’s going to get a football or bag-of-switches for Christmas.

One thought on “Naughty or Nice

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    If this blog is your way of saying you want two hot twenty-somethings in skimpy Santa outfits, well…I’m sorry, but these chicks wont’ be in your stocking in this house next month. Best look elsewhere, my love. <3

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