Observations of Halloween

HalloweenSo Halloween has come and gone. The candy dish is intact and no tricks were played.

There’s no TP hanging from the tree outside, no soap writing on the window panes, no eggs, and no burning bag of poop on the porch. (Don’t ask me how I know these things.)

We had one group of about a half dozen kids show up at the door. It barely put a dent in the candy dish. I remember Halloweens of my youth where children filled the streets in their homemade costumes.

Which is another thing. What’s with the cheap store-bought costumes designed to the fad of the day? Of the few kids I did see out and about that’s all I saw. No one-eyed pirate patches with cardboard sword or ghosts with mama’s sheets.

There were Transformers and Iron Men, Princesses and Dancers, Batmen and Witches… and every flavor of Zombie imaginable; no cowboys or Indians.

I wonder if that’s because we live in Indian country?


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