Progress Report –

None lately.

Occasionally someone will ask, “How’s Haunting Charleston coming along?”

That’s a great question. Later on today, after I get back from the VA, I’ll surf my way to the HC folder, blow the dust off and find out.

It’s like the pea under the mattress. I know it’s there. It’s bugging me that I won’t open the file and try to work on it. I make all these lame excuses like, I have so many other projects going on, that I’m being of service to others, that I …. yada, yada, yada…

As my friend Bills says…. “Give me a freakin’ break!”

The thing is, I know if I buckled down and threw the weight of my effort at it, I could be done in 2-3 weeks.

I’ll get right to work on that after…. (fill in the blank.)

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