Rock and Roll Saturday – “Love It to Death”

I’m kicking off Halloween’s month with a twist on Rock and Roll Saturdays.

I’ll calling this “October Albums,” those early additions to my record library when I was just getting a taste for the music of the day. I was just starting to have money I could call my own and willing to spend it on those 7″ vinyl disks.

The first album I ever bought with money I pulled out of my own pocket was Alice Cooper’s Love It to Death.

After two previous albums that failed to gather any traction. Love It to Death underwent Bob Ezrin production wizardry and officially launched Alice Cooper into the mainstream. His retool of Cooper’s sound was a brilliant piece of work and a complete diversion from the psychedelic sound of Cooper’s first two failures into a shorted and saleable package.

At 3:00 minutes, the feature song I’m Eighteen was ripe for radio play, and play it got. Released three months before the album, Eighteen was already a bona-fide hit and guaranteed heavy album sales from day one.

My favorites from the album were I’m Eighteen, Caught in a Dream, Is it My Body, and the Ballad of Dwight Fry.

The original Alice Cooper lineup was:

The album peaked at #35 on the Billboard album chart. Two singles entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart: I’m Eighteen #21 and Caught in a Dream edged in at #94.

This album redefined everything I thought I knew about music. And the lead singer was named Alice. What a rebel!

I only replaced the original vinyl three times and ended up with the eight-track somewhere along the way. (If you don’t know what an 8-track is, ask your father.)

Love It to Death

Side One
“Caught in a Dream” – 3:10
“I’m Eighteen” – 3:00
“Long Way to Go” – 3:04
“Black Juju” – 9:09

Side Two
“Is It My Body” – 2:39
“Hallowed Be My Name” – 2:29
“Second Coming” – 3:04
“Ballad of Dwight Fry” – 6:33
“Sun Arise” – 3:50


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