Super Bowl

First Super Bowl - Jan 15, 1967

No, not the super bowl coming up on February 6. I’m talking about the first Super Bowl played on this date in 1967, between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Nobody could have predicted what an event this game would become.  The Packers won the game behind the throwing arm of legendary Quarterback Bart Starr, 35 to 10. Americans were glued to their newly purchased television sets by the hundreds of thousands to watch the game, broadcast that day by NBC and CBS. Nobody remembers what ABC was doing at the time. Probably the agony of defeat.

In some circles this was referred to as the ‘Supergame,’ the first AFL-NFL World Championship game after the 1966 merger of the two leagues. A lot has changed in football since this day.  A few more teams have been added.  Salaries have gotten a little bigger. And the cost of a TV commercial is up just a tad.  Thirty seconds of commercial time at either network ran you a cool $42,000 dollars.  Last year’s game between the Saints and the Colts, that same air time would run you a whopping $2.6 million dollars. (If my calculations are correct that’s an inflation rate of – 6100%) I’m glad milk and eggs haven’t matched that trend. A dozen eggs would run you around $24 today.

In Super Bowl I, each player on the winning team, earned $15,000 dollars.  Each loser – $7,500. Last week, Peyton Manning earned approximately $1.5 million dollars in a losing effort to the New York Jets.

Tickets for that game were $12.00. (People thought was way too high) If you are going to the Super Bowl this year, plan on ticket prices starting at around $3000 in the nosebleed section. (If you can get them.) Scalper prices will be much higher.  Parking passes in the $150 neighborhood.

Watching the game on the big screen for free, six steps from a fully stocked refrigerator, is a lot friendlier on the wallet and doesn’t require a second mortgage.

So come Feb 6, when two teams roll into Dallas for the annual NFL money machine, one thing is certain. The happiest man in the NFL is their banker.

“What it was – was football.” ~Andy Griffith (1953)

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