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New Calendars

CalendarsWhat’s the best thing about 2012’s arrival?

It’s a new tax year? Hardly.

That much closer to next Spring? Maybe.

Daytona is just a few weeks away? Possibly.

How about you’ve been looking at the same calendar day-after-day for twelve months and now you can replace it. What started out last January as a fresh visual addition to the ambiance has become stale and mundane. The 2011 calendar has collapsed into winter like spoiled fruit ready to be thrown out and replaced. You’ve shopped for just the perfect replacement and anxiously count the days until January arrives and you can hang the new months.

So the first day of the new year drops in like the shimmering Times Square ball and you rush to renew that boring wall space. You hang that new calendar and the first thing you do is cheat. You flip ahead a month or two, maybe three, ruining the surprise waiting for you a mere 31 days down the road.

You might murder the opportunity for marvel by scanning many months ahead. Some people even glance at them all. The return trip on the new months is diminished by one’s calendar curiosity and by the time fall makes the scene you are already anticipating the next new calendar so you can repeat the process all over again.

Of one thing I am sure… Next January I get to pick the calendar. [insert eye-roll here]

The horror…. the horror.

Tis the Season

Tis The SeasonDecember is upon us. Black Friday is in the rear view. Cyber Monday is unplugged. Egg nog is chilling and the chestnuts… Wait, I don’t have any chestnuts.

It is amazing to me how fast the days fly by between Christmases any more. Why it seems just yesterday I was sippin’ nog with 2010. Since then we’ve had the summer from hell and an earthquake. The year is shaping up to be a doozy.

For the month of December I am going to do my daily posts with some kind of theme for season. Whether it’s bizarre Christmas traditions for Weirdo Wednesday or contemporary or classic holiday music for Rock and Roll Saturday, look for something seasonal. (I am open to suggestions.)

Mayan Calendar CartoonI figure I had better cram as much as I can into the year considering we are coming up on 2012, and you know what that means. If we believe the Mayans, the party is over. Everybody out of the gene pool. We are toast.