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Blog Spam

Blog Spam

Blog Spam! I hate it!

Okay, maybe hate is a very strong word. I loath it with every fabric of my key-pounding being. Blog spam is the bane of every blogger out there, yet even in its yucky ever present appearance, there is a bight spot.

Just the fact that I am getting tons of spam says that my blog is not invisible and is being seen in search engines.

I’ll log into  my blog dashboard everyday to write a new blog and the first thing I am greeted with is: “The spam list.” Awhile back I might go two or three days, sometimes four or five without seeing any spam. Here lately I’ve been seeing several every day. And those are just the ones getting thorough.

The WordPress Askimet sits between me and the internet, filtering through posts and keeping me safe from spam that never makes it to my inbox.

Now here’s the thing. Blog spam is a double edge sward. Getting blog comments is good and helps your blog ranking, so there is a compelling reason for allowing the spam to post comments. I get better ranking.

However, I think it is important that the comment has merit and is directly tied to the blog post it’s replying to.

Most blog spam comments are very generic by nature and could fit the post. For the most part its all auto generated and isn’t even close.

Even worse than auto-spammers are the occasional bloggers that will outright steal a post and copy it to their blog. Those bloggers are the low-life scum of the internet, incapable of abstract thought and creatively coming up with something on their own.

The internet will be a much better place when spam disappears, until then I will keep dragging spammers to the trash bin where they belong.

[box type=”info”] When auto-spammers start replying to this one, I’m going to allow them to post so you can see the silliness of it all. [/box]