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Blog Commitment

BlogThe last time I missed a daily blog post was late November, 2010. I wasn’t about to let the clock strike midnight without meeting my blog commitment. Time to soldier on.

The date was Novemebr 30, the last day of 2010 NaNoWriMo. I was deep into my second novel (still sitting on the back-shelf unfinished but that’s the topic of another blog I am busy procrastinating about) and focused on writing. Daily blogging was not on my radar.

On The first of December, 497 days ago, I wrote “WriMo in the RearView”. Included in that post was this paragraph:

[box] The annual novelist’s thrash known as NaNoWriMo is history, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Haunting Charleston is in a state of flux. During the course of the WriMo effort, I wrote myself into a bottomless plot hole from which there is no easy escape. The plot scenario was falling quicker than GM stock.[/box]

It seems odd to me that I can sneak in barely an hour under the wire and get in today’s writing to acknowledge my commitment to the blog. Yet I can’t pull myself together long enough to blow the dust off Haunting Charleston and get it finished. (sigh)

In three days I will hit 500 consecutive days of blogging. I came this close to starting again at day 1. It’s time to recommit to commit.

I can’t be so cavalier with my writing and hope to grow as a blogger/writer. Paying the bills is necessary and important but that stuff doesn’t do anything to help me grow as a writer. The only thing that does that is writing. Blog commitment is a small part of the solution but it is an important part of keeping the skills sharp.

I need to write a story…. soon… very soon.

Blogging My Day Away

I’m a lot of things. A biker, a writer, a tinkerer, a little professor, I’ve even been known to take stuff apart and put them back together again just to see if I could. Sometimes I could, and sometimes… Well, we won’t talk about those other times. I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of days getting theprodigalscribe.com ready to move my blog over from WordPress.com.

This is a move I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while., at least a year. The website was getting ready to auto-renew for another year and it wasn’t getting very much traffic where my blog is getting substantial traffic. A decision had to be made. The longer I waited the harder it was going to be.

BloggingOne huge downside is losing the stats from the old site where I had nearly 200,000 hits since day one. Although I was able to bring over all the blogging posts I’m essentially starting out here with the inital TPS traffic.

There’s still some things to be done. Like moving into a new house and you keep finding things that need to be done to make it livable. The move is done… now’s it’s that darned housework.

Blogging is the new poetry
– Unknown

Blog Stats

I’m feelin’ the love.

Ten days ago my blog traffic more than doubled. I’ve had spikes before so I wasn’t too surprised. I would now consider this the baseball equivalent of a “Streak.” I know it could end any day and crash like a Wall Street Bank, but I am going to enjoy it while it’s here.

Being a Virgo I am a bit of a little professor with a need to know all the little mechanisms behind the numbers. Why is it after clicking along for months, between 100-200 hits a day, did it suddenly jump like that?

My ego wants to say, because you guys love me. You love what I write about and how I write about what I write about. You love my charming wit, my ink-borne smile, my slightly warped viewpoint and Cliff Claven like knowledge bank. I am a walking encyclopedia of worthless information.

Bu really, I’m not sure this has much to do with what I write about at all. Yeah, I have a pretty diverse blog with lots of different topics ranging from Cousin Eddie (who is good for a dozen or so hits every day) to Captain Crunch.

I think it’s got everything to do with the underpinnings of my blog. The things I have done to increase my visibility in the search engines (SEO.) The funny thing is, the date I doubled was October 29th, pretty much exactly a year from the date I decided to blog daily.

Bottom line is this. I have blogged daily for over a year now. In that time you’ve had a slight glimpse into who I am and what I am all about. Through it all you are still here in ever growing numbers, and for that — I thank you!

Even today it’s not even 9:00 in the morning and nearly 200 of you have dropped by for breakfast. That’s pretty cool!


After the Long and Winding Road

Many of you know I just got back from a long motorcycle trip to SC to visit family, specifically my son Mike, who recently turned 30. Happy Birthday Mike! He’s a musician, specifically a bass player in a rock and roll band. Actually that’s not entirely true. Yes, he is a bass player, but he is a phenomenal bass player and entertainer. Mike has stage presence and thats much more than just plucking a bass.

After seeing Mike I headed up to South Carolina to visit with my brother Tommy who recently suffered a stroke. I was expecting the worse and was pleasantly surprised to find him up moving around with a cane. Yeah, he still talks a little funny and moves around at a snails pace, but I am encouraged by the possibility of a full recovery given time and a litttle effort on his part.

I would’ve seen my sister but they were up in the mountains. Maybe next trip.

My prayers go out this morning to the people in the deep south affected by yesterday’s horrific storms. The loss of life and property is extensive.

I returned to find some work piled up so its taking me some time to get back in the swing of writing and doing something productive.

I like this recent quote I heard… ~ Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. ~

More later….


After committing to a blog-a-day in 2011, it occurs to me that’s 365 posts.  Fifty-two of those days are covered with my Weirdo Wednesday feature (next week’s weirdo is really weird.)  The question remains what to do with the other 313 days. If I knock off another 50 days for surrounding holiday periods and other happenings to provide blog fodder, that leaves 263 days I will have to find something to blog about. I blog… therefore I am!

I tend to cover a wide range of stuff here, but I purposely avoid a few topics simply because I want to keep a rather narrow focus on this blog and would prefer not to stray too far off the path with naturally divisive issues. Although I write for myself, I want to keep in mind there is an audience of readers at the other end and want to make sure I am focusing on topics that are not only entertaining, but informative.

As a writer I will be doing some posts about the craft, but beyond that I’m going to tackle current events, some entertainment news, and personal observations about various things.  I want to make this blog interactive, so I’d like some feedback.  You’ve seen my style and the way I view the world. Beyond the things I am already writing about, what topics would like like to see me take on?  Consider this an open invitation to paint on my canvas.

Blogging is hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant. ~Sufia Tippu


Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Barb! (I think)

I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by my friend and fellow blogger, Barb a.k.a. Barbara G.Tarn. I don’t know that I was deserving of such a magnificent award, but since prizes have been few and far between lately, I will accept this with extreme glee!)


As a recipient of said blogger award I am to share seven things about me and then pass along the award to five other bloggers.  I’m not feeling very charitable today so the award stops here. (That only means I don’t know any other bloggers I would send this to.)

But I will tell you seven things about me.

  1. I have several short stories published at: Every Day Fiction
  2. I grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC
  3. I put 15,000 miles on my Harley last year, touring coast to coast.
  4. I finished the first draft of my debut novel during said tour.
  5. According to TripAdvisor, I’ve been to 924 cities in 17 countries.
    (Many of them last year on motorcycle tour)
  6. I shared on elevator with Bob Hope once.
  7. I’m working on book two of the Phoenix Worthy: Ghost Hunter, series.

There – that wasn’t so bad and now you know more about me than before you started.

Thank you, Barb, for this lovely green versatile award.  It’s versatility has me in utter amazement.

So now I’m taking my award and going back to work.

“People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy… and I keep it in a jar on my desk.” ~ Stephen King