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Border Trash

Not to be confused with street trash, trailer trash, white trash or trash talk. I’m talking about our country’s largest landfill – the Arizona border. Imagine the difficulting of removing the estimated four million pounds of trash left each year along the 370 mile Arizona border.  It’s a herculean task with a high price tag for Arizona and includes far-reaching ramifications.

The state of Arizona has recently implemented a cyber solution: Arizona Border Trash

Their response is to ask their citizens to go into the border region and clean up. Kind of like a volunteer maid service, picking up after everyone else. Considering every illegal immigrant crossing into the States discards an estimated six-eight pounds along their journey, this solution sounds like trying to close the barn door after the horses are out. They want to clean up the mess, not solve the problem. As the daily onslaught of trespassers continue, nothing gets solved. It’s like changing cabins on the Titanic – the ship is still sinking.

I know Arizona is being thwarted by the Federal government in their attempt to attack the immigrant issue.  I get that. The government has clearly shown that they are on the side of the lawbreakers.  Considering the millions of dollars the state is already spending to fight the government, it’s a wonder there were enough funds to put up this website.  Have you noticed that this is becoming a common tactic of governments world wide.  If there’s an issue too big to handle, put up a website.  Information is replacing action at all levels of government.

Want to know what happens when you do not control immigration? Ask a Native American. ~Anonymous