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The Art of Bradley W. Schenck

Bradley SchenckWeb destinations are a dime a dozen. Millions of digital addresses with content as varied as the people who program them.

For the most part, the world wide web is a mundane series of sameness. The same images, the same stories, the same viral video of kids biting fingers, dancing babies and cheesy cats. If it weren’t for the slight variance here and there you couldn’t distinguish between a dot com and a dash dot.

The internet is still a hodge-podge of commerce, entertainment, and confusion where data collides with dysfunction and 99% of the time the page you land on is just a stepping stone to the next page.

But every now and then the search engine will send you places you’ve never been, to find things you’ve never seen. The digital doorway will open and wonderment will unfold before your eyes. You find yourself on a virtual playground and each click of the mouse plugs you deeper into the magic of its creator.

Such is the case at www.webomator.com, the brainchild and labor of love of the talented artist and writer Bradley W. Schenck. Few destinations have held my attention or offered the depth of exploration as this place. Schenck’s site is like a fabulousĀ fun-houseĀ of art and adventure.

Trek over to his Thrilling Tales where the story is as entertaining as the man who created it.

Check out my interview of Bradley W. Schenck in the preview of 3D Art Direct- issue 14: http://issuu.com/tosk/docs/issue14minimagissuu