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Counting Calories and Other Nonsense

Most of the reading I am doing these days is pulling the numbers off nutrition labels. It’s enough to drive a food fan yumpy.

I’m back on a low-calorie diet, at least for January. The few pounds I put back on during the Thanksgiving and Christmas food celebration will be the first to go.

Dieting is no fun for those of us that just love to eat. I mean I kinda like cabbage but cabbage won’t do what a Hershey bar will do. I even enjoy a salad but the salad I like comes piled with blue cheese dressing and croutons. Sorry—croutons aren’t on the diet.

DietingI made the mistake once of Googling “Diet Plans” and found myself a bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of replies. At the same time I was a bit encouraged. With over 17,000,000 hits for diet plans surely there was something in there that would work for me. Between Atkins and the Cabbage diet, Weight Watchers and South Beach, and the Grapefruit Plan are a million ways to shave off the pounds. The trick is finding something I will see through to the end.

With the nearly twenty million diet plans there is one commonality—me. I’m the one that has to find the motivation, the willingness, and the inner energy to put see it through one silly calorie at a time.

I only have to look at the scales to know what I am doing is working with nearly 35 pounds gone since October. My belt let me know I am losing weight long before I could see it.

The only question that remains at this moment is…

Grapefruit, cabbage, or another freaking apple. Decisions, decision.