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“Taxi” Star Jeff Conaway Dead at 60

I remember him primarily for his Taxi character, struggling actor Bobby Wheeler, and for his role on Babylon 5 as Sgt. Zack Allen.

Years later I would come to know him as Jeff Conaway, alcoholic/addict, struggling to find recovery and a little peace on Celebrity Rehab. He found neither. Where do you go from “Rehab Dropout”?

On the 11th of May, Conway was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious in his home. Initially it was thought he overdosed on pain medications. Dr. Drew Pinsky visited Conaway and reported the actor had not suffered a drug overdose, but rather from “pneumonia with sepsis.” He was placed into an induced coma.

Yesterday doctors removed him from life support after confirming the complete absence of brain activity.

Conaway’s manager recently lamented about his long-time client and friend. “Through it all, Conaway was a ‘gentle soul’ who simply was not able to ‘exorcise his demons’.”

Jeff Conaway, dead at 60.

The Cash Cow Cometh

Charlie Sheen

The Charlie Sheen story is like the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you thought he slithered away never to be heard from again, at least until the court date for his $100 million dollar lawsuit against Warner Brothers, there he is — front page news.

It seems that CBS President, Les Moonves is going all Rodney King on the situation saying, “Why can’t we just get along?”

According to sources within CBS the prez is determined to get Sheen back in the studio and get the cash registers of Two and a Half Men ringing again.

He thinks Sheen and Half-Men Producer, Chuck Lorre, can let bygones be bygones and find a way to work together again. (This is the same guy Sheen used words like Troll, Loser, Clown, and a few much worse than that, to describe.) If these guys can find a way to work together again, that would be like Hitler and Churchhill taking in a Cubs game. CBS may have been paying Sheen 1.8 million an episode, but the unknown is how much in ad revenue and future syndication goldmines did the show represent. I’m sure the absence of Charlie and Co. from the CBS lineup is very costly.

It remains to be seen but I can’t see Sheen ever coming back to this show. Water under the bridge, you know.  Besides, Charlie is kicking off a twenty city tour for the “My Violent Torpedo” live show. Ticket prices run anywhere from $40 (nosebleed section behind the men’s room in Detroit’s Fox Theater) to $4000 (Radio City Music Hall in New York. Maybe you get one of his goddesses to sit in your lap during the show.)

I can’t wait to see what this guy does next.