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The Glendale Witch

The Glendale WitchJust released in Paperback and for Kindle — The Glendale Witch written by my favorite writer, Deborah Winter-Blood and available at Amazon.com

Seventeen-year-old Celeste must use her newly discovered magical powers to save her ancestors from an ancient demon as environmental catastrophe hangs in the balance. Luckily, she has a pet iguana and a lovestruck Satyr to show her the way as she battles through strange elemental worlds, breaking hearts and casting spells as she goes.

This is a marvelous read for young adults. If you like contemporary YA fantasy with a magical outcome check out this title. This book is extremely well written with a very distinct voice. The author has managed to take an extraordinary adventure and wrap it around a very diverse character set. The story moved quickly as the main character discovers her magical heritage and goes through some serious challenges, growing stronger along the way, yet managing to stick to her core values.

The ending will make you want to stand up and cheer!!

This work is listed as a Young Adult Fantasy but had everything I like in a good book. Adventure, action, wonderful environments, great characters and splashes of humor. It held my attention throughout.

Check out The Glendale Witch. More info available at the website: theglendalewitch.com.