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Weirdo Wednesday – March 30, 2011

Usually I hang a weirdo sign on one person in particular. Today I am going to tag a new business coming to a Social Network near you.

Cloud Girlfriend is a new company with one single purpose – to provide a virtual girlfriend.

How big of a loser do you really have to be to sign up for a digital girl Friday? So on your Facebook page it will show that you are “In a Relationship” with Digital Denise.

Cloud Girlfriend has made it easy to sign up –
Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend.
Step 2: We bring her into existence.
Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network Step
4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.

There’s even a warning that reads: Due to high demand we are only able to accommodate a limited number of users to the site. Register early to get in line.

It is slightly disturbing to me that there is “High Demand” for this service.

At least I can sleep comfortably knowing when the Goddesses tire of Charlie’s idiotic rants, he’ll have somewhere to turn to. It just makes me wonder how Charlie would “Define his perfect girlfriend.”

Anyway, if you couldn’t get a date at a hookers convention with hundred dollar bills stapled to your jacket — take heart… there’s always a girl in the clouds.