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Plagiarism is a social media disease

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I was sifting through a writer’s group and came across a post by a writer named, Bob Etier. I don’t know Bob. (I didn’t know it was Miss Bob until I looked at her profile) It’s very likely our path’s have never crossed along the cyber highway, that is until last night when I read her posting about the unthinkable – plagiarism. (aka stealing someone else’s property) Miss Bob is a fellow writer over at Technorati. Like me she is one of us keyboard jockeys, who occasionally sit down and write something in hopes someone along the way might find it interesting.

Honestly, until I read Bob’s post, I never thought about someone actually stealing my work.

You see, Bob did this nice little movie review over at Technorti about this nice little family unfriendly film called Piranha 3D. (You did your job, Bob – now I want to see this fish-fest.)

Imagine her surprise to find her story copied word-for-word the next day at a site called Article Pills. Stop! Thief!

With a world connected by the internet and a web search SEO article writing economy that pays $1-$3 per published piece, this is becoming a bigger issue every day and nobody is offering workable solutions.

Piracy is not limited to the coast of Somalia where RPGs are tossed around like darts. Piracy is happening everyday in every corner of the interwebs and creative writers are easy pickings.

What can you do about it? Right now, not much it seems. All you can do is be vigilant and keep a watch on your articles. After posting, follow-up in a couple of days with a quick Google of your keywords. Which brings up a question….

When did Google become a verb?

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