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Weirdo Wednesday – Sep 28, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayThe animal kingdom is a veritable luxury coach of weirdness. From the hybrid zebra/mule called the Zonkey to the prognosticating octopus, there is a cornucopia of odd to be found among our furry and scaly friends.

Take this Croc of a different color. (Not to be confused with the shoe of the same name.)

Snappy the orange CrocSnappy is an eight foot crocodile from Australia, normal in all aspects except his latest Halloween themed coloring. He looks very dashing in his Jack-O-Lantern motif’ ready for a night out with the kids.

Well, maybe not.

Owner Tracey Sandstrom said the change in scale pigmentation came within days of Snappy’s assault on the water filter of his enclosure at Roaming Reptiles animal park.

“It doesn’t seem to have affected him at all. He’s still got a healthy appetite, is normally aggro and doing everything he always does,” said Sandstrom.

Snappy is expected to go back to his normal color eventually.

How weird!