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DEA Debacle

Daniel ChongBy now I am sure you have heard the Daniel Chong, DEA debacle story.

Here’s the deal… Daniel got swept up in a DEA drug raid on April 21st.  Investigators believe the student was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. They hauled him back to DEA HQ and questioned the young man at length as they did many others arrested that night.

They placed Daniel in a holding cell and told him they would be back shortly to see that he got sent home.

He waited.

And waited…

And waited…

Hours turned into days and by day 5, Daniel Chong was delirious, suffering signs of kidney failure and reduced to recycling his own urine to hydrate. It was a nightmare of the worst kind.

They forgot him — FOR FIVE DAYS!!! That’s pretty much felony stupid.

Chong was transported to a local hospital for treatment and was held in recovery for five days.

The top DEA agent in San Diego, William R. Sherman, said in a statement that he was “deeply troubled” by the event and has ordered an extensive review the DEA policies and procedures for prisoner accountability. Sherman also issued an apology to the student, though Chong said he was not personally contacted by Sherman or the DEA.

For the whole affair Chong’s attorney has filed suit against the DEA for $20 million plus attorney fees.

In case you are interested that works out to be $166,666 per hour.  They could lock me up a week for half that and I’d be okay with that. I could catch up on my reading but I am not drinking piss.

Frankly, if the judge awards it, I think the DEA got off light.

This is just another case of government law enforcement run a muck and the innocent suffer.