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Everybody has some kind of vision of what Angels are. Hollywood has put their spin on the heavenly ambassadors practically since the first roll of film snaked through a camera. From Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life to Buck Henry in Heaven Can Wait, angels have almost always been portrayed as pleasant and eager to help the object of their earthly mission.

And then sometimes the Angel mythology gets just a little bit darker and the line between angel and demon can get somewhat blurry.

Deborah Winter-Blood, an extraordinary writer (and sweetheart,) and visionary in this kind of fiction, announced the launch of her angel project, Heaven’s Shine, a novella and cornerstone piece of an anthology she hopes to complete by year’s end.

Read the full announcement here.  Her plan is to release Heaven’s Shines in small bites over the next few weeks. The first installment is already up at her website: http://deborahblood.com

Look for Debi’s debut novel, The Glendale Witch, to release this summer. The book is a wonderful young-adult fantasy revolving around teen-ager Celeste Needfyre as she discovers her magical heritage and what role she must play in an epic battle brewing in an alternate universe. Celeste must grow up quickly as the future of our world rests in her hands.

For more about The Glendale Witch visit: http://deborahblood.com