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Dig back – way back – to a time you were waist high to Miss So-and-so, and your favorite part of the day was recess. I’m talking about days of red-rover, dodge ball, and hop scotch. To give you an idea of how far I have to dig back, I was in the third grade when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. For a kid who’s life revolved around school and television, I was pretty well screwed for over a week. We only had three channels and for a solid week all you had was Kennedy stuff.

Seems like I can remember the teacher pulling this big box out of her drawer and inside the box were these cards.  On the cards were some simple math problems and the first one to figure it out raised a hand and gave the answer.  I also remember that I had my own box at home for studying goze-n-tahz.

Four goze-n-tah sixteen, four times, and three goze-n-tah twenty-one, seven times.  Are you with me so far? Flash cards – I’m talking about flash cards.

Once of my writing resources is online at Dictionary.com. They just launched a new component to their site. You guessed it – Flash Cards, or should I say Flash Cards on Steroids. I’ve been playing around with these for a few days and have found some of the challenges to be tough as a nickel T-Bone.  Topics span a wide range from the Arts to Recreation and Sports, Science, Religion, History, Business and the Economy, and several others.  They have card sets designed to help prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT and more.

I’ve heard the best way to keep your mind sharp is to use it for something other than Mafia Wars, Dallas Cheerleaders, and which celebrity checked into treatment.  If you are looking for a challenge, you will find it here.

For my writer friends this is a perfect exercise for shoring up that massive vocabulary. One card set included such words as – abstruse, acrimonious, cursory, exacerbate, innocuous, and nebulous. I found the exercises fun and challenging. Check it out!

Other flash card sites include: