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Flu Battles Rage On

The battle lines have been drawn against flu and cold season, against sniffles and sneezes, stuffy nose and achy bones. The flu virus appears to be winning.

I did something this year I almost never do.  I got a flu shot. So as I have watched those around me fight on and on, day after miserable day, this is a personal thank you to the nurse that stuck me with that flu vaccine. So far… so good. Then again (cough, hack)

I’ll leave you with a humorous doctor story.

The patient went to his doctor because he had flu, and the doctor wrote out a prescription for him in his usual illegible writing. The patient put it in his pocket, but forgot to get the tablets from the pharmacy. Every morning, for two years, he showed it to the conductor as a railroad pass. Twice, it got him into the movies, once into the soccer stadium, and once into the symphony. He got a raise at work by showing it as a note from his boss. One day he mislaid it. His daughter picked it up, played it on the piano and won a scholarship to the conservatory of music.


“My dear doctor, I’m surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, because I have been practicing all night.” ~John Philpot Curran