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Dogs Against Romney

Dogs Against RomneyThe website is Dogs Against Romney. The story – Seamus rides the roof, otherwise known as “Crate-Gate.”

With as big an issue as the media has made this, you would think Romney was hauling around his dog on the roof of his campaign bus, in a blizzard, with no food and water, and won’t let him down to pee… ever.

The fact of the matter is this happened in 1983 when the GOP candidate was still a relatively young man at 36.  How many of us were well into our thirties and occasionally still guilty of doing stupid stuff. I dare say stupidity happens for all of us, including presidential candidates and presidents.

I know everybody in this presidential race not named Romney wants to find an issue they can hang around the neck of their rival, hoping to drag them down the polls of popularity. It’s amazing to me that the whole Dog-On-The-Roof affair continues to hold traction with some voters.

In the language of magicians this is called “Misdirection.” It’s the practice of drawing eyes away from reality so the sleight of hand goes unnoticed. For some people it works. For most it doesn’t.

Most people knows there are more important issues out front in this election besides the Romney family vacation in 1983 and whether the dog was on the roof or behind the wheel. The truth be known, the Romney’s loved Seamus and the dog lived a long time after crate-gate, still loving, and being loved by, his family.

Dogs Against RomneyI can find plenty of fault with every candidate that has nothing to do with animals, appearances or spouses. One quick look at their voting record tells me every thing i need to know about the things they think are important — or worse — not important.

As we head towards the November elections, remember this. It is the season of the magician, otherwise known as campaign managers. The trick will be sorting out  reality from misdirection.