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Weirdo Wednesday – April 6, 2011

And beyond that — A$$hole of the week, idiot of the week, dumba$$ of the week, and of course, sick ba$t— of the week. And so far, authorities don’t even know who it is. When they find Mister Idiot-With-a-Gun, I hope they throw the book at him, while it’s attached to a concrete house, on the bottom of the ocean.

This is not just a case of some neighborhood kid (hopefully) kicking a dog or throwing cherry bombs at a cat. This inconceivable act is just so horrendous, it boggles my mind.

Wildlife officials in Lousisana’s Franklin Parish have found an American Bald Eagle in a drainage ditch, shot and beheaded. The horror… the horror.

“To see any protected animal decapitated in a ditch is disheartening enough, let alone the animal that represents our symbol of freedom,” said Capt. Alan Bankston of the wildlife department.

Authorities believe the bird has been dead at least two days. They currently have no clues towards a suspect and will have to depend on the public to provide further information.

A case like this requires the services of Sherlock Homes, Columbo, Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. Once found they should chain this guy up in Lafayette Square so the locals (read anyone with a United States zip code,) can come by and throw rotting vegetables at his head.

Whoever did this heinous act has redefined the word… douchbag!

I know an Indian or two that would take care of Mister I-Shot-an-Eagle, Little Big Horn style.

Unless you haven’t figured this out by now, I am outraged, as you should be too. Forget the fact that it’s animal abuse of the worst kind. It’s the symbol of freedom for America and freedom is something this weirdo should not enjoy for a very long time.