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FDA Goes for Shock and Awe

Beginning September 2012, FDA will require larger, more prominent cigarette health warnings on all cigarette packaging and advertisements in the United States. These warnings mark the first change in cigarette warnings in more than 25 years and are a significant advancement in communicating the dangers of smoking.

Now I don’t know about you but I think we all have heard the message. When I smoked I saw all the ugly lung pictures and heard the doctor’s warnings about smoking and it never phased me.

On their website the FDA says: “The introduction of these warnings is expected to have a significant public health impact by decreasing the number of smokers, resulting in lives saved, increased life expectancy, and lower medical costs.” I think that’s (cough)(cough)bullshit(cough).┬áIf the FDA thinks putting ugly pictures on cigarette packages is going to make a bit of difference to cigarette smokers then they are smoking something besides cigarettes.

The only thing that is going to get cigarette smokers to quit is the cigarette smoker. You have to want to quit and I don’t mean you look in the mirror and say to yourself I want to quit — before lighting up the next one. I mean right down in the core, down in the addiction machine inside the smoker where you have to flip the quit switch. It’s there but most smokers have a tough time finding it. I know I did. (I’ve been cigarette free since Nov 2002.)

It wasn’t about the warning on the pack, the ugly lung picture or the thought that my second hand smoke was affecting someone else. It was simply “I wanted to be a non-smoker more than I wanted to be a smoker.” At the end of a smoke filled day it really has to come down to that.

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