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1965 Mustang

1965 Mustang

Go ahead, admit it. Deep down in your soul where the rubber meets the road this is your dream car. That swept back look and those bucket seats just screams speed. When the model hit the showrooms in late 1964 it sold for nearly $2,400. I was ten wishing I had $2,400. I didn’t understand why my dad didn’t buy one. I found out later mother wouldn’t let him.

Let’s all give Lee Iacocca credit where credit is due. Back in his Ford days Iacocca was the lead design engineer on the Mustang. When it launched in 1964 and a 1/2, the Mustang became the most successful production car since the Model A. In many ways, the Mustang is the granddaddy of a whole class of cars that followed. Without the Mustang we may never have seen the Camaro, the Firebird, the AMC Javelin, or the Chrysler Barracuda.

So if you wanted one today you’d have to go to the junkyard, find one in pretty good shape, and bend, twist, bondo, pound and paint your way to a new Mustang. Well that was yesterday anyway.

1965 Mustang body shellTomorrow you can order the Ford approved 1965 Mustang Convertible body shell. The unit is being manufactured by Dynacorn of Camarillo, CA. For $15,000 you can buy the body and then start going through the classic car catalog and start purchasing everything else, powertrain, electrics, transmission, and all the interior trim and accessories you need to effectively have a brand new 1965 Mustang. (Pardon me while I dab this little dribble off my lip.)

So many men claim to be the father of the Mustang
that I’d hate be seen in public with its mother.
– Lee Iacocca