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DietingIf I’ve been a little cranky this month attribute it to my diet.

It’s true, I needed to get off a few pounds. Okay, maybe a little more than a few. Truth is I was/am/continue to be way overweight. I put on a lot of weight when I quit smoking back in 02 and just haven’t been able to. No, that’s not true. It’s more like I haven’t been willing to do anything about getting it back off. And have I paid the price.

My BP skyrocketed, my back pain went into overdrive, and I just all around started feeling lethargic and lackadaisical. Tying shoes was becoming a real chore. The worst of it was how it was affecting my breathing. A walk in from the parking lot to the store had me winded.

Finally I gave in and internally screamed… “Stop the madness!”

With my doctor’s blessings I went on the HCG plan. I’m not going into a big description here. If you want to know more, look it up. Suffice it to say – It works!

Even with a few stall days over the last week I am down 33 pounds in 27 days. The plan is pretty aggressive for the first 30 days. Thankfully those days are about done and I can bring my calorie count up to a more sane level. I’d like to be down 35 when I get to the 30 day mark. If not, 33 is nothing to sneeze at.┬áToday is an apple day hoping to inch myself onto that poundage by Monday.

What benefits am I feeling so far?

  • On the walk from the parking lot to my doctor’s office I barely got winded.
  • I wore a shirt the other night that I haven’t had on in about two years.
  • The back has improved.
  • I simply feel better.

So coming up on the holidays, what’s the plan? Not eat like a pig and keep an eye on the weight. I can always adjust what I am eating if I see it drifting up.

Really I’m not all that cranky. Really I’m not.